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Hi all, my name is Lindsay! I am a PROUD Army Wife and Momma to an amazing boy—Mason, and a beautiful baby girl—Madison.

We are an outdoor, water-loving, always dancing, smiling and laughing kind of family. ​

I started a new career with the U.S. Army, BUT that will not interfere with this amazing Diaper One-N-Done!

I truly appreciate your business!



I have tried some of the other conventional diaper disposal systems, like the diaper genie, only to find they were hard to use and did not contain the smell, as promised. Once I used the Diaper One-N-Done, I will never go back to any other product, I am hooked! We quickly learned the other conventional diaper disposal systems were not for us, or my son; who would soil a diaper every day, multiple times a day. Trying to fit a soiled diaper in the smaller opening of the diaper genie ended up leaving me with an even bigger mess to clean. And having to go back to that smelly container and empty it with week old soiled diapers in it… Gross, no thanks!

The Diaper One-N-Done conveniently has an open top design, so you don’t have to worry about contaminating or dirtying any other surface while trying to dispose of the soiled diaper. And you don’t have to worry about bending down to put the dirty diaper in a pail on the ground. The Diaper One-N-Done is conveniently located within arm’s reach, at hip level.

The Diaper One-N-Done is the perfect solution, it gives you a place to put the soiled diaper, to allow your hands to be free to take care of your baby. When you are finished, you can simply pull out the used bag, tie the top off and toss it in the trash. Once you do so, the new bag is already there for your next changing. There is no need to disassemble and re-tie a knot at the bottom of the bag either—Diaper One N-Done bags are designed to be pre-sealed at the bottom!

How I use the product:  With soiled diapers, I typically pull the bag out, tie the top of the bag closed and toss it in the garage or trash outside. But with wet diapers, I toss them in the Diaper One-N-Done and leave it until there are enough diapers there to fill the bucket; the smell is very well contained within. Unless your wet diaper is completely full (that is when they tend to have a slight odor) that is when I would tie it up and toss it in the trash! The easy to use bag system ensures there are plenty of bags available. And we let you know when it is time to buy new bags, when your roll is almost empty!

Please think of us as the perfect Baby Shower gift and even if you want to try a new Diaper Disposal System!

The Diaper One-N-Done is the way to go!





The Diaper One-N-Done is the best diaper system I have used

"The Diaper One-N-Done is the best diaper system I have used. It conveniently hangs from the changing table and my house never smells like dirty diapers. Customer service is great also...helpful, friendly and prompt. I highly recommend this will NOT be disappointed!"

I love this product

"I love this product. When I found out that I was expecting twins, I knew we would need to save space wherever we could. The Diaper One-N-Done is compact and only takes up a small corner of our dresser/changing table. Changing diapers is an assembly line in our home. The Diaper One-N-Done is always within arms reach, and allows me to keep both hands on the baby. With over 400 diapers being changed each month, our Diaper One-N-Done prevents our small home from reeking of dirty diaper odor. I liked this product so much, that I purchased one for a friend. She admitted that she was skeptical at first, but likes it so much that she wants a second for the main floor of their home."

Converted user from the 'other' diaper bins

"We used the Diaper Genie with our first child and I was going to order another from Amazon when I came across the reviews for the Diaper One-N-Done. Most of the reviews were converted second time around parents that were formerly Diaper Genie users. Ordered this and we are so happy with it! With the Diaper Genie, every time you press and then close the lid, another bag is used. Well, with our second child, she is a lot messier than our first and we will go through several diapers and wipes as she isn't finished' when we go to change her. With the One-N-Done, we are able to just toss the diapers and wipes into the bin, not worry about stepping on a lever, tie up the bag, and toss! We tend to wait till a dirty diaper to change a bag. That way, only a couple of wet ones are in here before we toss the bag This saves bags, lime, and money. Will definitely recommend this to all parents!!!"

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